How to Carry Cargo on the HSD Gen 2

This guide refers to the HSD Gen 2. If you’d like to learn more about carrying cargo on the HSD Gen 1, please click here. If you’re interested in carrying passengers, check out this article.

The HSD may be more compact than most cargo bikes, but it can still haul a surprising amount of cargo. With a maximum gross vehicle weight (MGVW) of 180 kg (397 lb), it’s more than capable of handling daily errands and weekend excursions.

We’ve created an ever-growing ecosystem of accessories to help you handle the load, including racks, bags, baskets, panniers, and lots more. In this article, we’ll explain how to make the most of your cargo-carrying options for the HSD.


What is Max Gross Vehicle Weight?

The MGVW is the maximum weight that a bike has been designed to safely carry. This means the weight of the Bicycle* + Accessories + Rider(s)** + Cargo + Trailer*** must be less than the MGVW for safe riding.

*Bicycle = Refers to the weight of the bike plus battery.                
**Rider(s) = Refers to the weight of the cyclist and any passengers.                
***Trailer = Refers to the weight of the trailer with no braking system AND the weight of any cargo or passenger(s) on the trailer. Trailers with a braking system should NOT be included in the MGVW calculation.

How much cargo can I carry on the HSD?

Maximum Rear Rack Weight

The HSD’s new rear Atlas H Rack has a maximum weight capacity of 80 kg (176 lb).

The Atlas H Rack is pretty tough, but it’s also bolted on (as opposed to frame-integrated, like with the GSD). So, it’s important to make sure the combined weight of your passenger, rear cargo, and any rear rack accessories is under the 80 kg (176 lb) limit.

Maximum Front Cargo Weight

The Combo Mount is a robust cargo mounting point on the head tube of the HSD. You can attach a front rack with a maximum load of 20 kg (44.1 lb), such as the Transporteur Rack or Hauler Rack. It’s also possible to install the KLICKfix® compatible Luggage Truss CMT, to which you can attach bags, baskets, and racks.

Maximum Accessory Weight

Each accessory you add to your bike has its own maximum weight capacity, which may be lower than the HSD’s rear rack or Combo Mount limit, for example. Please make sure to follow your accessory guidelines.

How to calculate the HSD’s total cargo weight

To determine the maximum cargo weight you can carry on the HSD, use the formula below. The HSD has an MGVW of 180 kg (397 lb). From that, simply subtract the weight of the HSD and any installed accessories, and the weight of the rider and any passengers on the HSD.

If you are towing a trailer, don't forget to also subtract the weight of the trailer and any cargo or passenger(s) on the trailer. Please note that trailers with independent braking systems should not be included in the MGVW calculation.

Guideline for Comfortable Riding

Although the HSD has a high MGVW for a bike its size, you might find the bike pretty difficult to ride if you load it right up to its limit.

We suggest limiting your passenger and cargo's combined weight to no more than 80% of the rider’s weight. We find that’s the ratio where most folks can still ride well and control the bike.

Should I carry cargo on the front or the rear of the HSD?

Why not both? The HSD is made to carry plenty of stuff both on the front and the rear.

While you can use both ends of the bike for cargo, the rear rack can handle substantially more weight than a front frack. So, in general, it’s best to load your heaviest cargo on the rear of the bike and put lighter cargo in front.

How do I load cargo on the HSD?

  • A low center of gravity is key to safe and easy handling. Place heavier items on the bottom of racks, panniers, baskets, and boxes.
  • Make sure the cargo is balanced evenly on your bike. Avoid putting all of your heavy items on one side of the bike.
  • Ensure that items are firmly secured to the bike. Use the Batten Straps to tie down bulky or loose items and prevent them from falling off the bike or moving around during transport.
  • Accessories have their own maximum capacities that are separate from the bike’s carrying capacity. Pay attention to this when loading cargo.

Can I use trailers with the HSD?

Yes, you can use a trailer with the HSD! Using a trailer is your best option when you want to haul something that won’t fit on the bike. Every HSD has a dedicated trailer hitch mount built right into the frame.

Outfitting Your HSD

Rear Cargo Accessories

Clubhouse Mini

The Clubhouse Mini creates a mini cargo cabin on the back of the HSD. Fill the 400 x 400 mm interior space with your own box or crate, or add the Soft Crate Mini for a perfect fit.




502 × 532 × 243 mm

Cargo Tray

The Cargo Tray creates a strong, generously sized cargo platform atop the HSD’s rear rack. The L-shape is great for hauling oversized stuff that won't fit in a crate or basket.


30 kg


458 × 396 × 172.5 mm

Shortbed Tray

The Shortbed Tray is a heavy-duty rear rack that you can mount parallel or perpendicular. Fits standard 600 x 400 mm Eurocrates and coolers.


35 kg


446 × 627 × 81 mm

Storm Box Mini (with Clubhouse Mini)

When combined with the Clubhouse Mini, the Storm Box Mini transforms the rear of the HSD into a roomy weather-protected bucket with a lockable lid.


40 kg


100 L


475 × 460 × 550 mm

Captain’s Chair + Joyride Bars

The Captain's Chair combined with the Joyride Bars is not only a passenger cabin, but also a setup to carry crates and boxes. There’s room for a box about 320 mm wide (box length and height depend on your exact setup).




582 × 532 × 400 mm
(Captain's Chair only)

Front Racks

Transporteur Rack

The Transporteur Rack is a modular front cargo carrier that fits a 300 x 400 mm Eurocrate, a standard crate of 20 beers, or a recycled wooden box.


20 kg


430 × 420 × 267 mm

Hauler Rack

The Hauler Rack is an open-ended rack that is big enough to carry bulky cargo but small enough to let you easily maneuver the bike.


20 kg


320 × 315 × 215 mm

Bags & Panniers

WeatherTop Bag

The WeatherTop Bag is a rugged and waterproof 45L carryall made to go from your rack to your shoulder in seconds. Fits perfectly on the Hauler and Transporteur Racks.


15 kg


45 L


400 × 300 × 350 mm

WeatherTop Cooler

The WeatherTop Cooler is an insulated cooler bag with an airtight, waterproof design to keep your drinks cold and your food fresh for longer. With an FDA-approved, BPA-free liner, rest assured that direct contact with food is worry-free.


15 kg


26 L


320 × 670 × 370 mm

Cargo Hold 37 Panniers

Your hardworking basic. You can use the Cargo Hold 37 Panniers as a roll-top or in Bucket Mode for oversized cargo. Fidlock® buckles make opening and closing a snap.


15 kg per pannier
(30 kg per pair)


37 L per pannier   
(74 L per pair)


435 x 310 x 30 mm (folded)

Cargo Hold 28 Pannier and a child seat on HSD

Cargo Hold 28 Pannier

A rolltop and waterproof-lined pannier with a weather-resistant exterior for your daily haul. Opens with a Fidlock® magnetic buckle for zero-fuss access. Fits easily behind a child seat.


9 kg


28 L


330 × 200 × 310 mm

Soft Crate Mini

The Soft Crate Mini is a removable cargo carrier that fits inside the Clubhouse Mini. Carries up to 37 L of whatever and doubles as a dog carrier (add the Dog Roof Mini).


37 L


405 × 405 × 220 mm

For Stability


The DuoStand is a sturdy, height-adjustable dual-leg kickstand for the HSD that provides extra stability when loading and unloading. Highly recommended for heavy cargo.


60 kg


55 × 270 × 350 mm

Lockstand Extensions

If you need to carry an oversized load with your panniers stuffed full, you can add the Lockstand Extensions to the DuoStand to keep your HSD stand firmly on two feet (the Lockstand itself can't be installed on an HSD).




110 × 57 × 31 mm   
per pair