Kinetix Pro X Disc Wheels - High Performance wheelsets for folding bikes

Kinetix® Pro X Disc Wheels

Rocket fast

These wheels are designed to help you keep up with the lycra boys and girls on their carbon road bikes. Designed around Rolf Paired Spoke technology these system wheels are light, durably strong, and aerodynamic. 100% hand-built.

Rolf® Paired Spoke Technology

Paired Spoke lacing allows us to use fewer spokes at much higher tensions, resulting in a wheel that is lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic.

Self-Aligning Nipples

Sapim nipples have a convex surface that allow perfectly straight alignment of the spokes. This increases strength and durability by eliminating the most common type of spoke breakage.


Kinetix Pro wheels are built by hand from start to finish by a single wheelsmith. The wheelsmith goes through at least three cycles of truing and spoke de-stressing before the wheel meets our rigorous standards.

Kinetix Pro X Hubs

Pro X hubs are precision machined for perfect spoke alignment and roll on smooth sealed bearings. Front and rear hubs feature flanges that are closer together—optimizing the bracing angle for a smaller wheel.

Light Weight

Only 1100 grams.

EN Certified

The wheels exceed EN standards for strength and durability.