Fenders X27.5


The Fenders X27.5 are a pair of bespoke mudguards made to fit the Atlas X27.5 Front and Rear Wheelset of the adventure and work-ready Orox electric cargo bike. Whether you’re touring the highlands or hauling stuff across town, the Fenders X27.5 protect your clothes, bike, and precious cargo from dirt, mud, slush, water, and anything else that gets kicked up by the rolling tires for a cleaner, more enjoyable ride all year round.  

  • A pair of bespoke fenders designed to fit the Atlas X27.5 Front and Rear Wheelset of the Orox electric bike for optimal coverage against road sprays
  • Shields the e-bike and vital components from the grit and grime of adventure to keep you riding for longer, with less downtime needed for cleaning and maintenance
  • Protects you from flying mud, debris, and puddle splashes, so you stay comfortable and focused on the ride
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant to offer reliable protection in all weather and on all terrain 
Fenders X275 front profile

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