The GSD Activity Books

Art by Eric Mah | @mahster_art

Hello, GSD rider!

About a year ago, we saw ourselves stuck at home. For those of us with kids, that meant we were constantly trying to find stuff to keep them interested and entertained, and that's how the first GSD Activity Book was born.

Kids are great. Unlike adults, they really know how to live in the moment, and how to turn the ordinary into something fun. Daily life becomes extraordinary. And bike rides become more than a way to go from A to B.

So we've created the latest GSD Activity Book with that in mind. We hope our fellow riders (big or small) find it amusing. Just print it out and have fun.

The GSD Activity Book (Volume III)

Art by Eric Mah | @mahster_art

The #GetStuff Drawn GSD Activity Book (Volume II)

The GSD Activity Book (Volume I)

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The Tern Team