Meet the Orox

Ride on the mountain
Explore New Ground

Explore New Ground

The Orox adventure cargo bike defies extreme conditions to keep you going—no roads needed. This tenacious trooper packs up to two XL batteries to power you through extended off-grid explorations, and redefines what’s possible by bike with a massive Max Gross Vehicle Weight of up to 210 kg (462 lb) for best-in-class cargo capacity.

Go Anywhere

Travel back in time as you trace railroad remnants hidden in the woods to mining ghost towns, or journey through diverse landscapes that span from lush green valleys to the rugged pinnacles of desert badlands. With incredible range and power, Orox lets you freely go on adventures unlike any other.
Ride on the grassy land
Ride on terrain

Tame Tough Terrain

Orox turns No-Man’s Land into your very own playground. Massive, bespoke Schwalbe all-terrain tires or stud-compatible Vee Snowball tires with extra-wide footprint are capable of handling challenging surfaces with superb traction and cushy comfort, making loose gravel, ice, snow, sand, and mud no match for the bike.
Ride off-road

Keep Going When Others Fail

When the going gets tough, the tough push through on the Orox. Sinewy and unyielding, it’s a bike built to endure conditions not for the faint of heart. EFBE-certified strong and fitted with durable, low-maintenance components chosen to withstand hardship, the Orox keeps you in the game while others crumble to hostile earth.
Ride uphill

Conquer the Uphill Battle

Make short work of steep climbs with the Orox. At its heart pulses the Performance Line CX, one of Bosch’s most powerful e-bike motors, and along with aggressive, high-traction tires and hill-climbing gears that scream for action, riders get the boost they need to counter the force of gravity and tackle roots, rocks, and other trail obstacles.
Ride with two kids

Decelerate with Confidence

With great power comes even greater responsibility to rein it all in—imagine the amount of braking force needed to slow down a charging, 210 kg (462 lb) fully-loaded Orox! That’s why we chose Magura’s powerful quad piston hydraulic brakes with the largest 203 mm rotors for maximum braking power to safely and reliably bring the Orox and all that it carries to a halt.

Forget Range Anxiety

Equipped with an ultra-high capacity Bosch PowerPack and dual-battery compatible for double the juice, Orox truly frees you from the iron grip of range anxiety. Ride longer and head deeper into the backcountry with immense range at your disposal. There’s no holding back now.
Up to

161 km

Single battery
Up to

322 km

Optional dual battery
Ride on the road by the rocky land 

Pack It Up

More than just a convenient cache for small essentials, the Frame Pack encases the forward battery to effectively insulate it against wind-chill and freezing temperatures. With the cold kept at bay, your battery stays warm and holds charge better.

Go Anytime

Day or night, come rain or shine—Orox is ready to roll when the mood strikes. Ride it year-round, through the dog days of summer and into the arctic embrace of winter. There’s no better way to experience the liberating outdoors than on a two-wheeler you can depend on.
Ride on the snow ground in winter 
The tire on the waterlogged muddy ground.

Tread Onwards

Don’t let nasty road conditions ruin your fun. Large size, large volume tires help Orox roll over snow and through slush and slop. Air down to as low as 5 psi for enhanced traction in extra soft or slippery conditions, or swap out the tires for a studded set to claw through ice.
26x5 inches tire Sand ground
26 x 5"
Extra-wide for floating over snow and sand with ease.
27.5x4 inches tire Mud ground
27.5 x 4"
Large & chunky with excellent traction for venturing on and off the beaten path year-round.
29x2.6 inches tire Paved ground
29 x 2.6"
Massive, yet narrower and lighter to zip over pavement and gravel paths.
Studded tire Snow ground
+ Studs
Spiked for enhanced traction in icy, sub-zero conditions.

Size Up. Or Down.

Size matters if maximum performance is what you’re after. The Orox frame and fork are specially engineered to accommodate tires in three different sizes, so you can effectively attack whatever terrain you’ve got your eyes on.
Bike with full-coverage fenders

Contain the Mess

Flying mud, slush, and road salt kicked up by the rolling tires can gunk up your bike’s drivetrain and leave you covered in nastiness. Full-coverage fenders on the Orox protect both rider and bike from the grit and grime of adventure, so you can ride longer in comfort.
Bike with headlight on, riding in the forest

Light the Way

Riding in low light or bad weather? The ultra-bright, 700-lumen headlight with a wider beam ensures you can see everything ahead and be seen by others. Toggle on the low beam to cut through low-visibility conditions like snow, fog, and rain, or use the high beam when you find yourself on remote trails far from city lights.
Bike with the built-in LED brake light, riding on the paved road

Alert Road Users

Eye-catching, built-in LED brake light’s got your tail covered when riding in traffic or bad weather. Automatically activated for enhanced rear and side visibility when you slow down on the Orox, it clearly lets drivers know to give you space without delay. Best of all, it’s wired to the battery so you’ll never have to worry about its charge.

And Bring It All

Packing for an adventure? Orox is best in class for hauling stuff, so you can bring what you really want—like that cast iron skillet the chef in you swears by.

210 kg


180 kg

Background with lots of stuff you may packing with your ride
Two bikes with one carries loads of stuff on the rear rack and another one with a girl on the back seat

Off Your Back, On the Rack

Lose the backpack that’s weighing you down. With its beefy Atlas X Rack rated to 100 kg (220 lb), Orox is unrivaled among off-road bikes when it comes to cargo-carrying capability. Whether it’s big or small passengers, weeks of groceries, camping gear for the whole crew, or trail maintenance tools, haul it all on Orox.
Ride in the woods with two water proff panniers

Up the Cargo Volume

Cargo Hold 72 Panniers are a pair of humongous waterproof panniers that bestow 72 liters of packable volume each to make full use of Orox’s immense hauling power. Throw your tackle box, cooler, tent, and anything else you may need for your multi-day bike tour into these bad boys, or load them up with supplies for a fun weekend DIY project.
Two children's feet standing on the stow deck of a bike

Support Precious Cargo

Stow Decks are a pair of sturdy platforms made for supporting larger and heavier cargo like fully-loaded panniers, coolers, and kegs low to the ground, as well as providing a comfortable footrest for rear passengers. The patent-pending design locks securely at 5 different deployment angles for different loading scenarios, and synchronously folds away with Cargo Hold 72 Panniers in one smooth motion when no cargo is being hauled.
The rider loading pannier on the front rack on the side of a bike

Load up the Front

The heavy-duty Trail Rack enables you to carry up to 25 kg (55 lb) of cargo—even full-sized panniers—at the front of the bike. It comes with ample top platform space for stuff that won’t fit into panniers, and can be mounted with two bottle cages for handy hydration on the go.
Orox Cargo Cage

Add a Cargo Cage…and So Much More

Orox and many of its passenger-carrying, cargo-hauling accessories are designed with useful braze-ons and eyelets to help you really bring it all. Mounting points for attaching bottle and cargo cages, panniers, and even trailers are purposely placed at the front, center, or rear of the bike so all bases are covered.

The tire rides through a puddle, splashing water

The e-bike system made by Bosch

The Bosch Advantage

With over a century of automotive and electronics experience and a comprehensive service network to back it up, Bosch brings the same high-quality standards they’ve become synonymous with to the e-bike world, supplying precisely-engineered, certified e-bike systems that deliver a worry-free cycling experience that’s consistently powerful, yet natural.
Cargo wheel on the front of a bike

Atlas X Cargo Wheels

Typical wheels just aren’t strong enough for Orox—so we made our own. Atlas X Cargo Wheels come with burly double-wall rims to support heavy loads, while oversized Boost Thru-Axles strengthen the fork and rear triangle. Cooling fins milled into the hub body help the brakes dissipate heat on jaw-clenching descents. There’s even a multi-tool with 4/5 mm hex and 2.5 mm Torx hidden in the front hub axle for emergencies.
Johnny Watts Tire

Custom Johnny Watts Tires

The legendary Johnny Watts just got super-sized for Orox. This custom tire uses Schwalbe’s premium Addix® Performance compound that’s optimized for superior grip and durability. Tightly-spaced center tread ensures fast rolling on roads, while massive side blocks give traction on primitive land. Add in reinforced carcass construction to support heavy loads both on and off the road, and finish off with world-class puncture protection for great reliability.
Rohloff Hub

Maintenance-Free Rohloff Hub

The Rohloff hub equipped on the Orox R14 is a mechanical marvel, with 14 gears running in an oil bath enclosed inside the rear hub to protect them from weather and debris damage. Virtually no maintenance is needed—an annual oil change is all that’s suggested to keep things going. Rohloff hubs can travel over 300,000 km (186,411 mi), attesting to their incredible durability even in tough conditions.
Gates Carbon belts

Rust & Grease-Free Gates Belt Drive

To match the Rohloff hub, Orox R14 models are also equipped with Gates Carbon belts, which are much longer lasting than chains, require little to no maintenance, operate smoothly and silently, and are impervious to salt and grit. No more cleaning and lubing your bike chain!
Atlas Kickstand XL

Dependable Atlas Kickstand XL

Off-the-shelf kickstands simply aren’t strong enough to handle the immense loads Orox is designed to carry, so we engineered our own. The heavy-duty, patented Atlas Kickstand XL is EFBE-tested up to 100 kg (220 lb), and ensures your bike stays wobble-free during loading. It’s not what you’d expect to see on an off-road bike, but it’s what we insist on for Orox.

Frame-Integrated TowBar

Turn Orox into a tow truck to bring everything you need, and more. The burly frame-integrated TowBar™ works with most trailer hitches so you can easily link a passenger, cargo, or pet trailer to your bike. Add the Tail Hitch XL to shift the trailer further back to make room for loaded panniers, or combine it with our Bike Tow Kit to bring an extra bike.
Silhouettes of four people with different body types
Illustration of a rider on a Orox bike

Fit for Adventure

Built to allow more people to enjoy the outdoors, Orox is offered in two different-sized frames that support a max rider weight of 130 kg (286 lb) to fit a wider range of bodies: Medium for riders 155 - 185 cm (5’1” - 6’1”) tall, and Large for those who are 165 - 195 cm (5’5” - 6’5”) tall. It’s no easy feat—every single load-bearing component is painstakingly selected and tested for safety under max load and worst-case scenario conditions.
Syntace P6 Seatpost

Syntace P6 Seatpost

A seatpost that accommodates a wide range of sizes is essential when building an inclusive bike. The Syntace P6 seatpost we’ve chosen for Orox is made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy with an elliptical internal extrusion and an oversized 34.9 mm diameter, making the seatpost lightweight yet incredibly strong. Meanwhile, the generous fore-aft adjustability of the Syntace Extended Seat Adjustment design lets you find your perfect fit.
Level Nine Cockpit

Level Nine Cockpit

The heavy-duty Orox needs components fit for purpose. Its cockpit is provided with Level Nine e-MTB riser handlebars made from lightweight and stiff triple-butted 7050 aluminum alloy, with the stem 3D-forged from aluminum alloy. All components have been tested in our lab to ensure only those suitable for riders up to 130 kg (286 lb) riding off-road are used.
Erogon E-Mountain Sport saddle

Ergon Grips & E-Mountain Sport Saddle

Comfort is key on any ride. The Ergon E-Mountain Sport saddle is specially designed for longer periods of sitting, steeper climbs, and greater levels of impact, and is tested to comfortably support riders up to 130 kg (286 lb). Ergon grips allow your wrists to rest at a more neutral angle to relieve numbness and discomfort, while its mini-wing design supports your palms and reduces strain for greater comfort.
Icon for Eflow app

Bosch eBike Flow App

The control center for your smart Tern Orox. It connects your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth, giving you access to all the latest e-bike features and upgrades from Bosch.
Icon for Navigation feature

Navigation Function

Plan your route in the eBike Flow app and transfer it to your display for turn-by-turn directions to reliably and efficiently guide you to your destination.
Icon for route planning feature

Map & Route Planning

Get maps and route recommendations optimized for you, whether you’re riding on roads or on trails. Plan your own route, or import existing routes from Komoot.
Icon for E-lock feature

Electronic Lock

Use your smartphone to deactivate the motor, making your bike less attractive to thieves. This can also be set up so auto-deactivation engages by dismounting the Kiox 300 display.
Icon for Air update feature

Over-the-Air Updates

Keep your Orox updated with the latest functions and features by downloading updates via the eBike Flow app and transferring them to your bike using Bluetooth.
Icon for Smart alarm feature

Subscribe to Flow+

Smart Alarm

Ward off thieves with a high-decibel alarm and flashing LEDs that activate when the motion sensor registers slight movements to your Orox.
Icon for GPS tracking feature

Subscribe to Flow+

GPS Tracking

Automatically start tracking the whereabouts of your Orox in the eBike Flow app upon being notified that it has been moved significantly.
Icon for Bike locator feature

Subscribe to Flow+

Bike Locator

Never lose track of where you parked again. Stay connected with your Orox and see its parking location for convenient retrieval.
*Free for the first 12 months after activation

Built to Last

Our philosophy is to make bikes you’ll enjoy riding for years to come. We start with intentional design choices that make the bike durable, safe, and easy to service—such as using crucial components from top manufacturers like Bosch with their unbeatable service support. Then, we back it up with great local service and a 10-year limited warranty* for peace of mind.

*Available to riders who sign up for Tern Care.

Two bikes on desert land 

UL Tested & Certified

The entire Bosch e-bike system—including the battery, charger, drive unit, and display—is tested and certified to UL 2849, the most extensive and rigorous standard for e-bike electrical systems to date. Each component is individually tested for safety against potential electrical system hazards, as well as together for system safety.

Proven Safe & Tough

EFBE Prüftechnik

Orox has been rigorously tested to meet internationally-recognized e-bike, e-cargo bike, and mountain bike standards. EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH further put Orox through its grueling Tri-Test to prove the frame and fork can handle a Max Gross Vehicle Weight of 210 kg (462 lb) on pavement and 180 kg (396 lb) off-road, ride after ride.

Built and Serviced by Local Experts

E-bikes are complicated machines that require attention and service by trained professionals. Orox is only sold through Bosch-certified local Tern dealers to guarantee it is assembled and tuned by experienced mechanics, and that you’re within reach of expert support to keep your bike in optimal condition.

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