Meet the Verge

Ahead of the Curve

The Verge's striking curves pack a visual punch—but good looks aren't its only standout feature. The Verge is a triple threat, offering style, speed, and exceptional comfort in a conveniently compact package. Innovative design choices make the Verge as fast as it looks, so you'll be ahead of the curve and ahead of the pack.

Built for Speed

The Verge will get you from A to B—but it's also ready to go the extra mile (fast!). Several innovations maximize the Verge's PPI (Performance Per Inch): 451 wheels, a strong hydroformed frame, aerodynamic T-Tuned™ geometry, and ultra-wide gearing built for tackling hills and tearing through straightaways.

Fast Folder

The Verge's 451 wheels are big enough to give you an extra boost but small enough to enable a fast, compact fold. With a folding time of under 10 seconds, the Verge can accompany you anywhere with ease. Carry it onto public transit, stash it under your desk at work, and never worry about trying to secure it outdoors.

Comfort and Stability

Going fast should feel good, so we prioritized comfort and stability when creating the Verge. Its unique T-Tuned geometry and stiff hydroformed frame create a ride every bit as stable as a full-size bike, while a spacious cockpit and adjustable stem let you dial in the riding position that suits you best.

Why the Verge?

Tern Folding Technology

Designing a high-performance bike that still folds down small requires us to have some tricks up our sleeve. Innovations like our patented Andros Stem, Physis 3D Handlepost, and OCL+ Frame Joint make it possible.

Physis For All

Every Verge model comes equipped with the Physis 3D Handlepost, a unique piece of technology that enables a fast fold and increases stability by virtually eliminating handlepost flex.

One Size Fits Most

Adjusts to fit a wide range of rider heights with a spacious cockpit and an adjustable seatpost and stem.

All the Right Gear

Choose from our extensive ecosystem of accessories to create solutions that work for you. From bags to baskets to briefcases for your bike, we've got what you need to make the most of the Verge's versatility.

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Product Reviews

Nach nunmehr einem Jahr, bin ich immer noch froh, das Rad zu haben und fahre es unheimlich gerne [After a year now, I'm still glad to have the bike and really love riding it]

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