Vektron FAQ

Vektron FAQ

Will the bike fit me?

The Vektron fits a wide range of riders thanks to a quick-adjust seatpost, quick-adjust handlebar stem, and a low-step frame. It takes only a few seconds to adjust the bike to resize the bike--without tools--so that it fits you.

Suggested rider height: 147 - 195 cm (4’10" – 6’5")

What’s the load capacity

The total load capacity is 105 kg (230 lb), including you and your cargo.

How much does the Vektron weigh?

European Union: 21.8 kg (48.1 lb)
United States: 22.2 kg (48.9 lb)

How long does it take to fold the Vektron?

10 seconds or less

How many speeds does the Vektron have?

10 speeds

What's the max speed?

25 kph in the European Union and 20 mph in the United States.

Why use a mid-motor instead of hub-motor system?

Hub motors are inherently less efficient because you spend energy rotating the extra mass of the motor. That’s why you can ride 50 to 100 km (40 to 80 mi in the U.S.) on the Vektron--on a single charge. There’s no hub motor design that comes even close to that range. Plus, the motor and battery are subject to less vibrational force when they are located center mass rather than in the hubs.

Why Bosch?

Bosch is, by far, the leading electric bike drivetrain. They lead the market because they are experts at motor design, batteries, power management, and the software to tie it all together. Bike companies don’t have this expertise and even amazing engineering companies like Shimano are playing catch up in these categories.

Why is the Vektron more expensive than some other folding electric bikes?

The electric bike market is going in two different directions: cheap Chinese systems starting around US$1,000 and quality systems, which you see in Europe starting around US$2,000. The quality systems are led by Bosch but there's also Shimano, Yamaha, and Brose. The European electric bike market started many years ago with cheap Chinese systems but, what people have learned is that, when it comes to electronics, daily transportation, and something that is still pretty expensive, you want to go with a quality system where the brand will be around in 2, 5, and 10 years to replace your batteries, diagnose water damage, or replace your screen.

Can I ride it during winter?

Absolutely but, if you ride in below -5⁰ C (23⁰ F), you'll get less support from the motor, and it could potentially shut off temporarily. During winter months, particularly on days below 0⁰ C (32⁰ F), we recommend charging and storing the battery at room temperature, and then inserting it into the bike immediately before riding. If you plan to ride frequently in extreme cold temperatures, consider purchasing a thermal protective cover for the battery.

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes, but please make sure you’ve closed all the USB and plug covers on the control panel, motor, and battery.

Can I ride the Vektron off road or use it for bike touring?

Bike touring on paved roads is more than okay. However, the Vektron is not made for any kind of off-road riding.

Can I take it on an airplane?

Yes, but airlines will not allow you to board with a lithium ion battery of this size. If you'd like to fly with your bike, we suggest you plan ahead and ship your battery separately to your destination.

Be sure to deflate the tires before packing the bike. If you remove the rear rack, be gentle when removing the rear light wire. Also, flying with your bike could knock the disc brakes out of alignment; if you don't know how to adjust a disc brake, make sure there's a bike mechanic at your destination.

The bike will fit in our Airporter suitcase with the rack disassembled. To learn more about the Airporter, click here.

The bike is quite heavy... how do I move it around when it is folded?

The beauty of the Vektron design is that it rolls easily on its wheels when it is folded.

Do you have a bag to cover the Vektron for storage or putting it in a train or car?

Yes, we have a few options but we'd recommend the Tern QuickCover in Size M. Or check out all our storage & transport gear.

What accessories are available for the Vektron?

Most Tern accessories are compatible with the Vektron. We have a pretty big range of gear... anything from bags & baskets to bottle cages. Check them out here. Bosch also has a growing list of accessories, like travel chargers, extra batteries, battery covers, and even a GPS mapping console.

Can I put a child seat on the Vektron?

Yes, the Vektron is designed to fit the Yepp Maxi Easyfit seat for kids up to 6 yrs and/or 22 kg (48.4 lb), as well as the Yepp Junior Easyfit seat for kids 5+ yrs, weighing 20 to 35 kg (44 to 77 lb). The seats mount directly to the rack--without any adapters. Once they're installed, there's still plenty of heel clearance. For quick installation instructions, watch this video.

Can I fold the Vektron with the child seat installed?

The seat will interfere with the magnetic clip system that holds the bike wheels together when folded. So, you'll need to remove the seat when folding. The seat is quick to remove; watch this video to see how it goes on and off.

Will the bike fold while I’m riding it?

Ha, ha! We’re known for our best-in-class folding technology and the Vektron has an amazingly strong and stiff frame. BMW tested our handlepost and found it to be more than twice as stiff as the next strongest competitor.

How often do I need to charge the battery?

In general, you'll be able to ride 50 to 100 km (40 to 80 mi in the U.S.) on one charge. However, this answer really depends on many different variables such as the type of terrain, road conditions, your riding speed, the riding mode, your weight, headwinds, etc.

How long does it take to re-charge the battery?

100% charged: 5 - 7.5 hours

Can I upgrade my battery for longer range?

The Vektron is compatible with all 3 models of the Bosch battery: 300 Wh, 400 Wh, and 500 Wh. If you buy a second or replacement battery, you can choose any of these.

How long will the battery last?

Bosch PowerPacks are designed for many tours, miles, and years of service. The intelligent, electronic Bosch Battery Management System (BMS) protects lithium-ion batteries from excessive temperatures, overcharging, and deep discharge. The BMS checks every cell, extending the life of the battery. This makes the time from initial use to the need to replace a PowerPack very long.

Where can I buy a back-up or replacement battery?

Bosch batteries are available from all authorized Bosch electric bike dealers, as well as several online retailers. We strongly urge you to only use genuine Bosch batteries. The software and hardware of the Bosch system are precisely coordinated to ensure efficiency and, above of all, safety. Using a non-Bosch battery could cause a potentially dangerous malfunction.

Search Bosch electric bike dealers in the U.S..
Search Bosch electric bike dealers in Europe.

What happens if I lose my battery key?

A Tern or Bosch dealer will be able to order a replacement key for you BUT ONLY IF you have your key code. After you receive your Vektron bike, you should register your key with Trelock; this will ensure that you can always retrieve your key code.

With your key code, you can also order a spare key direct from Trelock.

Is the battery recyclable?

Yes. In the U.S., you'll be able to recycle the battery by calling 1-800-822-8837. Outside the U.S., you can bring it back to your dealer, and they'll take care of it.

What kind of warranty does the bike have?

The Vektron carries Tern’s standard global warranty, with five years of coverage for the Frame, Handlepost, and Fork and one year of coverage for all other original parts. If you sign up for Tern Care, we'll extend the Frame, Handlepost, and Fork warranty to 10 years--for free. Some exclusions for normal wear and tear apply. For the fine print, please read here.

The Bosch electric bike system comes with a two-year warranty after the date of purchase.

What happens when I need service?

We’d recommend you visit a Tern dealer. If there are no Tern dealers nearby, reach out to your Tern distributor.

If your Bosch system needs service, our dealers work directly with a Bosch service center to diagnose your system and make repairs. Whether it’s a replacement battery, a new connector for your motor, or new bearings for your folding joints, all spares are in stock and available.

How long will Bosch and Tern be able to service my Vektron?

Tern and Bosch keep service warehouses fully stocked with parts to service the Vektron. We, as Tern, have a policy of keeping parts available to service bikes for at least five years after we stop manufacturing a certain model. Bosch, as an automotive parts supplier, also has a policy of keeping service parts available for several years after they officially discontinue a part. But the Vektron and Bosch’s current battery form factor will be produced for many years to come so there’s no need to worry about obsolescence.

What kind of testing have you done on the bike?

The Vektron has undergone a battery of tests by third-party laboratories to ensure it meets U.S. standards for electric bicycles, as well as the more stringent European standards for electrically power-assisted cycles (EPAC)--as defined by EN 15194. In addition to standard vibration and strength tests, the Vektron has also passed Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing.