Tern Quick Haul Long - our electric cargo bike for 2 passengers

Meet the Quick Haul Long

Life is Better by Bike

Why Choose Tern?

Our e-bikes are engineered to help you drive less and ride more.

Easy to Ride

Our powerful e-bikes are designed to help you ride confidently and comfortably, even when carrying children or heavy loads.

Customized to Your Life

Our goal is to make it easy to outfit your e-bike with the right gear for your needs, whether it’s carrying kids, pets, or cargo.

Committed to Safety

Our NO. 1 PRIORITY is making tested and certified e-bikes we can trust to safely carry our riders and their loved ones, day in and day out.

Built to Last

Our e-bikes use quality, serviceable parts and come with a 10-year warranty, so you can enjoy smooth riding for years to come.

Elder couple riding the ebike NBD in the street


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Family riding the ebike Orox in the forest


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