Link D8

The Jack of All Trades


Mobile phones, umbrellas, point and shoot cameras — the natural arc of evolution moves in a direction of increasing portability — the bicycle is no different. The Link D8 is your every day travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles.

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N-Fold Technology

The Faster Fold

Folding bicycle design hasn’t changed much in decades. N-Fold Technology is a small but important change that results in a faster, and more compact fold. N-Fold Technology includes new frame and handlepost geometries and spins the front wheel by 180 degrees before the central fold, resulting in a package 40 mm (1.5”) shorter. Using N-Fold technology, our Eclipse and Castro bikes are only very slightly larger than the typical small wheel folding bicycle. Bicycles with N-Fold technology can also be folded – easily – in less than ten seconds.

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OCL Joint

Stronger, Better, State of the Art

The OCL Joint is a new reference in folding frame technology. It includes two new patents and everything we know about making the safest, strongest, and most durable frame joint.

  • Taller, Stronger, Stiffer — Making the hinge taller and moving the pivoting surfaces outward from the center axis more than doubles overall strength and stiffness and it’s a difference you’ll feel from your very first ride.

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3-D = Stronger

Folding bikes have a sometimes deserved reputation for flexy frames. All Tern frames feature patented DoubleTruss technology which turns the rear half of the frame into a three dimensional truss so that it’s much more resistant to torsional forces. That equals increased stiffness and much better power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel.

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Physis Handlepost

Stronger, Stiffer, Better Ride

Flexy handleposts and noodly handling are the Achilles heel of many folding bicycle designs. The Physis handlepost solves this with a massively strong, precision machined design that virtually eliminates flex. Four new patented technologies go into the design. The proof, of course, is in the ride.

  • Massive Strength — To eliminate flex, the Physis Joint knuckle was beefed up and made wider by moving the pivoting surfaces outward from the center axis.

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Neos Rear Derailleur

Designed for Small Wheels

The Neos derailleur was developed to solve issues specific to small wheeled folding bicycles, specifically, ground clearance of the derailleur cage, and protrusion of the derailleur body from the chainstay, making it susceptible to damage. Working with Suntour, we developed the Neos family of derailleurs. The low-profile design mounts directly to the chain stay with the body of the derailleur tucked underneath, protected from damage. The ultra-short cage doubles the amount of ground clearance and produces lightning fast, precise shifts.

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Luggage Socket

Carry More Stuff

When you need to carry more stuff on your bike, just plug the optional Luggage Truss into the Luggage Socket that’s welded to the head tube of every Tern bike. The Luggage Truss works with any bag, basket, or rack with a KLICKfix adapter. The benefit of a frame mounted luggage system (as opposed to fork or handlebar mounted) is that it doesn’t adversely affect steering. Available Tern accessories include: Kanga Rack, Tour Bag, and CarryAll Basket.

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BioLogic Portage Racks

Carry Your Stuff

Running errands, shopping –- when you do these things by bike, you need to carry stuff. Portage racks are custom-designed for Tern bikes to help you carry your stuff, in lots of different ways. From the factory, Portage racks come with an elastic luggage strap that’ll keep even bulky items strapped safely to the top of the rack. Best of all, Portage racks are KLICKfix-compatible so all the bags out there with KLICKfix attachments, including the BioLogic Commute Bag, can be clicked on and off in seconds.

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General Info
Wheel Size: 20 inch wheels
Speeds: 8
Weight: 12.1 kg
Folding Time: 10 sec
Folding Size: 38 x 79 x 72 cm
Frame Sizes: One size
Gear Inches: 32" - 85"
Distance: Seatpost to Handlebar: Min: 59 cm Max: 63 cm
Distance: Saddle to Pedal: Min: 70 cm Max: 96 cm
Suggested Rider Height: 142 - 190 cm
Max Rider Weight: 110 kg
Frame: Link, 6061-AL, patented OCL Joint and DoubleTruss technology
Fork: Integrated, hi-tensile steel
Handlepost: Physis QR, 3D forged construction, 4 patented technologies
Headset: Flux, cartridge bearings, Tri-seal technology
Handlebar: Flat bar, 6061-AL
Grip/Bars Tape: BioLogic Ergo, kraton
Saddle: Velo Sport
Seatpost: SuperOversize, 6061-AL, casted clamp
Seatpost Clamp: SuperOverize, 6061-AL
Front Brake: V, aluminum, linear spring
Rear Brake: V, aluminum, linear spring
Brake Levers: V, aluminum bracket/lever
Brake Cable & Housing: Anti-compression housing, slick cables
Front Hub: Mini by Formula, aluminum
Rear Hub: Formula, 8 spd. cassette
Spokes and Nipples: Stainless steel, brass nipples
Rims: Aluminum, ground sidewalls
Tires: Schwalbe Citizen, puncture protection, Reflex
Shifter(s): SRAM MRX Comp, 8 spd.
Rear Derailleur: Neos 1.0, low-profile design, RapidRise
Crankset: Cold-forged 6061 aluminum crank arms, hand-polished
Cassette/Freewheel: Sunrace 8 spd., 12-32T
Bottom Bracket: Cartridge, Sealed Bearings
Chain: Taya Octo, 8 spd.
Pedals: Suntour folding
Shifter Cable & Housing: SIS-SP, DuPont L3 lubricant
Kickstand: Aluminum, Dacromet bolt
Clip System: Magnetix 2.0
Luggage Socket: Yes
Fenders: SKS stainless hardware
Rack(s): BioLogic Portage Rack
Stuttgarter Zeitung
May 25, 2013

"Vom Faltrad [...] sind wir angetan: Es hat sich als gut ausgestattetes, wendiges Stadtvelo mit hohem Spaß- und Nutzfaktor erwiesen."

Turbo Bob's Bicycle Blog
March 22, 2013

"Modern folding bikes (the better ones) are rock-solid, fun-riding everyday bikes. Add in a reasonable price point and you have the Tern Link D8. Here is a bike you can enjoy and ride as your only bike in the stable. It’s light, stores and secures easily, has many gears and rides great. It fits a wide varieties of body sizes and styles. t looks sleek and has some nice pieces. It is just one great little bike."

Read the full article online here.
March 3, 2013

"I’ve lived with the Tern Link D8 for the last year, and put close to 1000 miles on it in total, so what has it been like? Well, it’s on road manners are surprisingly full-size bike like. I’ve never noticed any instability from the front-end, and the rear of the bike is planted even in the worst conditions. It really is a nice ride."

Read the full article online here.

February 28, 2013

"Es bringt regelrecht Spaß, sich mit dem agilen, kleinen Rad zu bewegen. Selbst wenn man sonst mit Rennrad oder Mountainbike unterwegs ist: Es ist einfach ein ideales Stadtrad, ein Stattrad eben. Nicht nur zum Bahnfahren.“

Fairkehr (VCD)
February 1, 2013

"Zusammengeklappt nehmen die Räder wenig Platz weg und lassen sich wie ein Gepäckstück transportieren. Deshalb können sie im ÖPNV jederzeit kostenlos mitgenommen werden.“

February 1, 2013

"Mit dem ADFC-VVS-Faltrad verknüpfen die Partner des Projekts “Urbane Mobilität” im Gebiet des Stuttgarter Verkehrs- und Tarifbunds die Vorteile von Fahrrad und öffentlichem Nahverkehr.“

February 1, 2013

"Gemeinsam bieten Tern, VVS, ADFC und die Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart den Fahrgästen ein preislich reduziertes und qualitativ hoch­wertiges Faltrad-Sondermodell mit einem zusätzlichen Komfortpaket an. Die kostenlose Mitnahme auch während der Hauptverkehrszeiten ist in allen VVS Verkehrsmitteln ausdrücklich erlaubt.“
January 27, 2013

"Si tomamos el número de velocidades, los modelos comparables en otras marcas, superan en casi 100 € el precio de la D8, por tomar un punto de referencia. La Link D8 es una bicicleta magnífica en cuanto a relación calidad / precio."

Lea el artículo original aquí.

Folding Bikes
January 26, 2013

"In the folding bike world, if you’re looking for a multifunctional, affordable, durable bike the Tern Link D8 is a great choice. The comfort and ride is great whether it’s your first time on the bike or whether you’ve been using it for months. I’ve had a blast using my bike instead of the bus at Duke, and it’s led to some great conversations with people I never would have met otherwise."

Read the full article online here.