Meet the BYB

Our Ultra-Compact Folding Bike To Go

Wanna go everywhere with your bike, but held back by cumbersome logistics? Say hello to the BYB! This ultra-compact folding bike travels unassumingly small to fit whatever mode of transportation you choose, but delivers an impressively bigger ride. So Bring Your Bike, and answer wherever the paved road may call.

BYB: Fast Folding Bike
BYB: ultra slim folding bike

Easy Storage & Safekeeping

The BYB is 30% smaller than traditional 20” folding bikes, and folds small and slim enough to fit into any narrow space such as behind doors or in lockers for handy, worry-free storage.

BYB ultra compact folding bike - urban

Urban or Sporty?

With limited apartment space no longer an issue for the small, slim BYB, the question now is what you want to get done with your bike. The BYB S11 and P8 are geared towards urban intermodal commuters who could use a little extra help when weaving through busy transit stations with their bike, while the BYB P10 is a lighter, sportier option for those who want to maximize their riding experience within precious free time.

BYB ultra compact folding bike - sporty

All-round Commuter

The BYB is designed for commuting, but doesn’t just stop there. It also lets you bring your stuff, whether that’s a change of clothes, workout gear, or your laptop bag. Plus, the Metro Transit Rack on the BYB S11 and P8 further provides you options aplenty—add panniers, bags, racks, and baskets from Ortlieb and KlickFix to customize your ride.

BYB: Carry More on Your Folding Bike
BYB: Multimodal commuter

Mix It Up

The BYB is perfect for mixed-mode commuters who do a stretch of their daily journey on a train or bus, or might grab a taxi home on a rainy day. Folded, the BYB fits anywhere so all your transport options are always open.

BYB: Ready to roll folding bike

Compact and Ready to Roll

When equipped with the Metro Transit Rack, the folded BYB stands upright with one of the smallest footprints of any folding bike—and the rack’s built-in spinner wheels let you trolley the compactly folded bike through busy transit stations and onto crowded trains and buses with one hand while the other holds your coffee.

Share Your Ride

The best things in life are shared, including your folding bike. The BYB has a low-step frame design and resizes in seconds—no tools required—to fit riders between 147 and 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”), so you can share the bike with anyone in your family.

BYB: Fits the Entire Fmaily

The New BYB P10: Your Sidekick for Free-Time Adventures

The new BYB P10 includes everything that makes the BYB tons of fun to ride, while trading in commuter-focused features like the fenders, rear rack, and chainguard for a lighter, sportier bike. But make no mistake—it’s just as compact and ready to accompany you on all your free-time adventures.

BYB: Folding bike
BYB: A folding bike for the weekend warrior

Weekend Warrior Ready

No matter how small or fast a bike folds, it needs to be a bike you want to ride in your hard-earned free time. The BYB champions the weekend warrior in you with a frame engineered for stiffness, 20” wheels, and performance components. All that’s needed is the desire to get out and ride!

BYB: How to Store a Folding Bike

Ready for Departure

Taking your bike on vacation? With accessories like the lightweight PopCover and padded Stow Bag designed for storing and transporting the BYB, you can go from riding to packed bike in 60 seconds. Even air travel is made a whole lot simpler: just pop the folded BYB into the AirPorter Slim suitcase—no disassembly required.

BYB in an Airporter Slim

A stylish premium folding bike with an innovative and intuitive folding concept


- aktiv Radfahren

Why the BYB?


TriFold Technology

TriFold technology is a patented new way to fold a bike small while delivering a quality ride.


TFL Joint

With an organically curved form optimized for strength, the TFL Joint is our most advanced yet and includes a number of critical new technologies.


Physis RF

Next to the frame, the Physis RF—our new 3D-forged handlepost—is the most important component contributing to the BYB’s stiff and responsive ride.


Andros Stem

The Andros is our tool-free adjustable stem—it lets you adjust your riding position by setting your handlebars exactly where you want.


Metro Transit Rack

Roll the BYB like a spinner suitcase and easily maneuver the folded bike in crowded rail or bus stations. The Metro Transit Rack carries up to 20 kg (44 lb) and allows the BYB to stand vertically. Equipped on the BYB S11 and BYB P8.


Anchor Bolt

Securely locks the sections of the BYB together when rolling or carrying the bike. Depress the lever and the clever release mechanism ejects the Anchor Bolt, making it easier to unfold.


DoubleDeck Frame

The BYB inherits important technology—DoubleDeck frame design and the burly trapezoidal tubing—from the Tern GSD, ensuring extra stiffness and durability.


Combo Mount

The same robust mount found on our cargo-focused GSD. The Combo Mount lets you install a variety of different racks, bags, and baskets to your BYB so you can also bring your stuff.


Kinetix Pro X Wheels

Light, fast, and strong, Kinetix Pro and Pro X Wheels are hand-built with custom hubs and feature Rolf® Paired Spoke Technology.

A Closer Look at the TFL Joint


1DeadBolt Design

Close the lever and a metal deadbolt slides smoothly into place, locking the hinge. Once you close the TFL, it stays locked in place.

2SpringLock Technology

Ensures that your properly adjusted lever always stays at the proper tension, even after thousands of cycles of folding and unfolding.


33D Interface

Whereas most other folding bikes weld a simple tube to a plate, the TFL Joint features precision-machined inserts at the tube junction, ensuring more consistent welding and more material at the most highly stressed areas.

4Igus® bearings

Sliding bearings between the moving parts make sure that the folding action is always smooth and friction-free. These bearings are serviceable so if after a few years of hard use the bearings have worn down, your dealer can easily swap them out to refresh your bike.

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Product Reviews

[The BYB] has one of the most ingenious folding mechanisms on the market though. Once folded, the bike can be stored upright (there are thankfully no protruding bits to snag on other people’s clothing) and pushed along using the handlebars and a combination of its main wheels and two tiny swivelling castor wheels. For a 20-inch wheel folding bike, it’s certainly one of the smallest and neatest packages this rider’s ever encountered.

National World

Two joints make the Tern BYB unique and quite compact. Its full features also make it attractive for year-round commuters. Highly recommended.


In fact, when folded up, the BYB is actually one of the smallest 20″ bikes on the market, which means it’s much easier to manoeuvre on crowded trains and buses or when zigzagging through busy tube stations.

The Evening Standard