Atlas X29 Front Wheel


If you already own the Atlas X27.5 Wheelset, you might want to consider the 29-inch Atlas X29 Wheelset as a lighter and more agile alternative for your Orox bike. Engineered to withstand the 210 kg (463 lb) MGVW of the Orox, the Atlas X29 Wheelset offers a slimmer tire profile for reduced weight, improved acceleration, agility, and extended battery life. It meets the demands of an adventure e-cargo bike while enhancing overall performance.

  • Added rigidity with custom Atlas hubs for resilient performance on axles, offering reliable cargo support as you power through tough landscapes
  • Double-walled aluminum Atlas X rims for tackling demanding terrain and managing significant loads confidently
  • Resilient custom freehub body with sealed bearings, enhancing rear triangle stiffness and ensuring durability against robust forces
  • Accommodates a range of 29" x 2.6" tires—studded tires for the winter, slicker tires for city cruising, or knobby tires for trailblazing adventures
  • Tubeless-ready design permits lower tire pressures for improved traction*
  • Integrated disc cooling fins for reliable and consistent braking on long descents
  • 13G stainless steel spokes to withstand frequent rigorous use
  • Pairs with the Fenders X29 to shield you from debris during the ride
  • ETRTO 35-622

*When running tubeless, please ensure sufficient tire pressure while carrying cargo

Atlas x29 front

Get the Facts

Load Capacity
130 kg (286.6 lb)
Weight (per set)
1.24 kg (2.7 lb)