Product Safety

How to Spec and Build a Safe Electric Bike

Riding an e-bike bike places loads of stress on the frame, fork, brakes, and wheels. You need higher quality components to ensure a smooth stable ride when riding at speed, and to help you be able to stop on a dime, in rain or shine.

December 2, 2023

How We Test Our Cargo and Passenger-Carrying Bikes for Safety
E-bikes come advertised with a stated load limit, and it's imperative that the most crucial parts of the bike - the frame and fork - are third-party lab-tested and certified to ensure they can withstand the forces associated with the claimed weight capacity.
December 2, 2023

Are E-Bikes Safe?

If you're interested in getting an e-bike, this is probably a question you have asked yourself. The short answer is yes, electric bikes are as safe as can be.

December 2, 2023