Pannier Adapter

Using Cargo Hold 37 Panniers with child seats on the GSD

The Pannier Adapter is an accessory’s accessory—but a very useful one. When using Cargo Hold 37 Panniers on your Tern GSD, the Pannier Adapter lets you install a child seat in the rear position of the rack and still attach the Cargo Hold 37’s outer straps together, to make sure they are not dangling around while you are riding. Simple but effective.

  • Secures a pair of Cargo Hold 37 Panniers when used in conjunction with a child seat in the rear position on the GSD
  • Simple and robust design, made of durable nylon strap and Fidlock® magnetic buckles
  • Quick and easy installation with velcro fastening
  • Small and lightweight for convenient storage in the pannier pocket when not in use

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
233 × 49 × 18 mm (9.2 × 1.9 × 0.7 in)
Nylon webbing
Weight (per set)
0.045 kg (0.1 lb)