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Life is Better by Bike

Uncomplicated and incredibly versatile, Quick Haul Long is a compact cargo bike for families on the go. It’s similar in length to a regular bike for easy maneuvering past traffic queues, but built extra tough to safely carry 2 kids or your biggest Costco hauls. And best of all, it’s a funner, freer way to get around for you and your family without putting strain on the environment.
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For Your Family’s Evolving Needs

A True Passenger Vehicle

Planning to start a family, or expecting the arrival of baby number two? The modular and customizable Quick Haul Long is designed to grow with your family. Choose from our ecosystem of passenger-carrying accessories to transport up to 2 kids, or give your +1 a lift when it’s just the two of you.

Heavy-Duty Cargo Hauler

With a Max Gross Vehicle Weight of 190 kg (419 lb), Quick Haul Long is more than capable of your daily hauling needs. Whether it’s spring gardening supplies or a week’s worth of groceries, our wide range of accessories will help you utilize all that load capacity and keep your hauls manageable on the road.

Comfortably In Control

Riding while carrying all that weight may sound intimidating, but you’re in good hands with the Quick Haul Long. Its long wheelbase combined with a low center of gravity ensures your ride remains stable even with an ambitious haul, while a low step-through frame makes getting on and off effortless. And at under 30 kg (66 lb) including the battery, even smaller riders will find themselves capable of handling the Quick Haul Long.

Share Your Ride

Sharing a car with your spouse or partner makes sense, and it shouldn’t be any different for an e-bike. Quick Haul Long is made for easy sharing—with the flip of two levers, the stem and seatpost adjust in seconds without tools to fit riders 155 - 185 cm (5'1" - 6'1") tall, while a low step-through frame facilitates easy mounting and dismounting.

The Bosch® Advantage

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The No. 1 Trusted Name in E-Bike Systems

With a longstanding track record of automotive and electronics excellence and a comprehensive service network that ensures customers remain well-supported years down the road, Bosch® brings the same high-quality standards they’ve become synonymous with to the e-bike world, supplying precisely-engineered, certified e-bike systems you can count on day in, day out.
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Powerful, Refined Motor

Developed especially for transporting heavy loads, the Cargo Line motor provides up to 85 Nm of torque for a smooth, natural-feeling ride, delivering up to 400% support to help you flatten the hills.
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Safe & Convenient Charging

The versatile PowerPack battery can be easily removed from the frame mount for fast-swapping and indoor charging, or left directly on the Quick Haul Long to charge. UL-2849 certified for exceptional safety and reliability.
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Unparalleled Service Network

Bosch® maintains a vast network of well-trained, well-supplied e-bike dealers and service centers. When you purchase a Quick Haul Long from your local Bosch®-certified Tern dealer, you’ll be guaranteed expert support and replacement parts for years to come.

Accessorize to Fit Your Needs

Our extensive ecosystem of accessories lets you turn Quick Haul Long into the ideal vehicle for your family. Carry the kids safely and in comfort year-round, give your spouse a fun lift on date night, and get errands done efficiently. You can even tow an extra bike, or link a trailer to bring the family dog or anything else that won’t fit on the bike—like your kayaks for a weekend by the lake.
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Easy to Store

Parking and storing your bike indoors is the best reassurance against prowling thieves and unpredictable weather. Quick Haul Long parks and rolls vertically to fit in tight spaces (including elevators), so you can simply bring it indoors whether at home or work. When parked upright, it takes up about as much space as a potted plant, leaving you more room for what’s precious to you.

Safety You Can Count On

Our kid-carrying, cargo-hauling bikes are designed and built with safety as priority each and every step of the way. But don’t just take our word for it. Quick Haul Long is independently tested to meet DIN 79010 and certified to UL 2849 to ensure maximum safety and reliability.
Proven Tough & Dependable
We’re firm believers that any bike claiming a gross vehicle load above 120 kg (265 lb) should be tested to DIN 79010, a benchmark in bicycle safety standards that specifies rigorous testing methods and safety requirements for cargo bikes, to ensure it can reliably withstand the rigors of the road. Quick Haul Long’s frame and fork have been third-party tested to meet DIN 79010 to the stated 190 kg (419 lb) weight rating, for safety you can trust.
Fit-for-Purpose Components
There’s more than just the frame and fork to consider when designing a bike for high loads. Weight-bearing and structural components such as the handlebar, stem, seatpost, cranks, and wheels are also subject to extensive stress on the road. To ensure such components are well-suited for hauling precious loads, only the ones that have passed rigorous third-party lab testing make it onto the Quick Haul Long.
UL Tested & Certified
Quick Haul Long’s entire Bosch® e-bike system, including the motor, battery, charger, and display, is certified to the industry’s gold standard for fire and electrical safety—UL 2849. That means the components are each tested for safety against potential electrical hazards, as well as tested together for system safety to provide the highest level of reassurance.

Thoughtfully Designed, Down to Every Detail


Height-Adjustable Stem

An adjustable handlebar is essential for riders sharing a bike to find their best fit. The Speedlifter® Stem allows riders of different sizes to quickly and conveniently adjust the Quick Haul Long’s handlebar to their preferred height—without having to reach for tools.

Folding Side Decks

A patent-pending innovation from Tern, the Stow Decks add a pair of sturdy platforms to the Quick Haul Long that lock securely at 5 different angles to meet your cargo and passenger-carrying needs. Open them up completely to support bulkier, heavier cargo or your passengers’ feet, or lock at an angle to keep partially-full panniers compressed against the bike. When not in use, the Stow Decks fold away neatly and out of the way.

Integrated Trailer Attachment Points

Got stuff you want to bring that won’t fit on your bike? No problem. Quick Haul Long’s burly frame-integrated TowBar works with most trailer hitches so you can easily link a passenger, cargo, or pet trailer to your bike. Add the Tail Hitch L to shift the trailer further back to make room for loaded panniers, or combine it with our Bike Tow Kit to bring an extra bike.

Rock-Solid Double Kickstand

Our patented Atlas Kickstand is designed for rugged durability with a stainless steel thru-axle and sliding bearings. EFBE-tested up to 80 kg (176 lb) for best-in-class weight rating to support the Quick Haul Long’s generous load capacity, it ensures your bike stays wobble-free during loading and unloading.

Custom E-Bike Drivetrain

Custom for Tern, by Tektro—Quick Haul Long’s e-bike drivetrain features rider-centered designs and is optimized for maximum durability. A short cage design allows faster, more precise shifting and increases ground clearance, while the 9-speed, 11-42T wide-range cassette offers plenty of gears to help you climb hills smoothly.

Built-In Frame Lock

An integrated frame lock on the Quick Haul Long provides added security when you need to make a quick stop for errands or coffee. It’s conveniently keyed-alike to the battery, so you’ll only need one key. Plus, the option to link to other accessories such as a plug-in chain gives your bike even more effective protection against theft.

Long-Lasting Support

Our bikes are built for the long haul, but even the toughest bikes will eventually require some TLC to keep going strong. In addition to our 10-year limited warranty, Tern will have replacement parts available for your Quick Haul Long for a minimum of 7 years from the date of purchase. This is essential, since critical parts like the battery will wear out over time and will need a replacement during the lifetime of your bike.

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