Tern Unveils Eclipse S18

“Road warrior” redefines portable transport

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – August 13, 2013 – Urban transport specialist, Tern, today introduced the Eclipse S18 as the latest addition to its award-winning Eclipse lineup. Designed for hard usage in demanding conditions, the Eclipse S18 helps redefine the “folding bicycle” category.

“When you say the word ‘folding bike’ most people think of small wheels, flexy handling, poor riding geometry, and lots of compromises — especially for taller people,” stated Eric Lin, Tern senior product manager. “With the Eclipse S18 we set out to design a bike for the hardest-of-the-hard urban riders — the kind of people who ride through rain or snow, who have seriously under-funded local road repairs, or who haul their recycling by bike. For these riders we wanted a bike without those critical compromises, but we still wanted the convenience of folding portability because that flexibility to jump on a bus or train is so important when you’ve got a busy schedule.”

The Eclipse S18 features a hydroformed frame and a 3D-forged handlepost: together these critical folding parts, featuring six patented Tern technologies, create an incredibly stiff riding platform that is ideal for big and tall riders. Large Schwalbe Big Apple 507 x 55 mm tires roll fast and smoothly over almost any road surface, yet the entire package still folds small and fast for easy transport or storage. The Eclipse S18 has a number of unique features using patented components:

Integrated Lighting

  • Valo 2 light — a powerful 41 lux, 150 lumens front light designed in partnership with the Finnish lighting experts, Herrmans. The Valo 2 integrates directly with the Andros stem so it’s optimally positioned for visibility and protected from theft. The patented CryoCore™ cooling design draws heat away from the LED chip, allowing for brighter light output. Clarity™ optics projects the type of wide, even beam pattern that a cyclist needs — no more lighting the tops of trees in the distance or narrowly focused hotspots. The Valo 2 will also be shipping on other select Tern bicycles in the coming year. 
  • BioLogic Joule 3 dynamo hub — the Joule 3 is among the lightest, and most efficient dynamo hubs on the market. It is one of the very few HE (high efficiency) hubs on the market that surpasses 70% efficiency.

 Taken together, the Joule 3 and Valo 2 make up one of the lightest, most powerful, and efficient lighting systems to be found on a production bicycle.


  • Andros adjustable stem — the Andros allows incredibly fast and easy adjustments without any tools so riders can find the most suitable riding position whenever they want. It is substantially stiffer than traditional adjustable stems.


  • The award-winning BioLogic PostPump 2.0 seatpost features a high-capacity floor pump built right inside the seatpost so riders never again have to worry about being stuck with a flat. The pump features a foot stand and uses the saddle as a handle so a user can stand comfortably while pumping up a tire, just like a regular floor pump.

“We’ve broken a lot of misconceptions with the Eclipse S18,” continued Lin. “And all it takes is a test ride to see if you agree.”

The Eclipse S18 will be shipping in the fourth quarter and has a MSRP of €1.800 (US$2,100).

Tern will be displaying its product lineup, including the Eclipse S18 as well as six other new bicycle models, at Eurobike in booth #B4-401 and at Demo Day at booth #101.