Storm Box


The Storm Box transforms the rear of your Tern e-bike into a super spacious weather-protected compartment. Switch effortlessly between carrying cargo and kids—protect your stuff from rain and curious onlookers with the Cargo Lid, and use the Kid Lid to keep little ones warm and snug, no matter the weather.

This product is designed to carry either passengers or cargo.

If carrying passengers, additional accessories are required for safety. Check out our Passenger Guide to learn more:


  • Carry up to two young kids (in or out of child seats) or up to 160 L of cargo—click here to learn more
  • Part of the Clubhouse Fort—an all-weather protected compartment for a child passenger
  • Includes a Cargo Lid to protect cargo from precipitation and prying eyes
  • Includes a Kid Lid to keep young passengers warm and dry
  • Add the Storm Shield rain canopy for even more protection against the elements
  • See the compatible bikes and installation requirements here
Storm Box: Bike Bucket for Kids on the GSD

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
685 × 470 × 565 mm (27 × 18.5 × 22.2 in)
Load Capacity
50 kg (110.2 lb)
Tarpaulin & Ripstop Nylon
Weight (per set)
2.2 kg (4.9 lb)
Volume Capacity
160 l (9,763.8 in³)

Product Reviews

In terms of thoughtfulness and a wide range of accessories for a wide variety of transport tasks of families or freelancers, Tern is second to none. The Clubhouse Fort system has convinced us all the way in the real test and gets, in combination with the Tern GSD R14, the verdict "highly recommended"!

Pedelecs & E-Bikes

The Tern GSD S10 has a quaint appearance—but on closer inspection everything makes sense. This bike is well thought out, thoroughly styled and absolutely high-quality from A to Z.

LifeCycle Magazine

Just for [the GSD], a modular accessory system for the weather-protected transportation of children and luggage will be available from 2021: the Storm Box and the Storm Shield.


Tern now offer the Clubhouse fort accessories with the GSD, making a fully enclosed space which means at least the kids can stay dry even if you’re out in the rain up front.