Pack a Node in the AirPorter

Pack a Node in the AirPorter

To fit your 24" Tern bike in the AirPorter, you’ve got to disassemble it a bit first. Follow these steps to fit the Node C8, Node D7i, Node D8 and Node D16 into the AirPorter.

You’ll need:

1. 2 mm hex key
2. 5 mm hex key
3. 15 mm crescent wrench


Parts included with the AirPorter:


1. Hub axle discs (only needed for disc brakes and QR)
2. Front drop out holder 
3. Rear drop out holder
4. Chain ring pad
5. Pedal bag
6. First pad
7. Second pad


Step 1: Remove the Pedals using the 15 mm crescent wrench and place them into the Pedal Bag.



Step 2: Undo the Quick Release to remove the Seatpost and put it aside.



Step 3: Fold the Andros Stem up for Node D7i, D8, and D16. Rotate the Handlebars so the Brake Levers face the base of the Handlepost. 



Step 4: Remove the Handlepost using a 5 mm hex key and replace the Top Cap.






Step 5a : For Node D7i, detach the Shifter Cable from the Rear Hub with a 2 mm Hex Key, and remove both Wheels using 15 mm crescent wrench.

1. Switch Shifter to gear 1

2. Insert 2 mm Hex Key into the gear hub’s hole in the Cassette Joint Pulley.


3. Turn the Hex Key counter clockwise until the Inner Cable Fixing Nut turns down.


4. Detach the Shifter Cable.



Step 5b : For Node C8, D7i, and D8 remove both Wheels using the 15 mm crescent wrench.



Step 5c : For Node D16, remove both wheels by undoing the Quick Releases, then unscrew the Quick Release Acorn and slide out the Quick Release Skewer.



Step 6 : Insert the drop out holders to the Front and Rear Dropouts.




Step 7 : Remove Chain from the Front Chainring.



Step 8 : Attach the chain ring pad to the Chainring.



Step 9 : Place the AirPorter on the floor, open up the cover and lay the buckles on the outside, then place the Rear Wheel in the bottom right of the Airporter.



Step 10 : Place the first pad over the Rear Wheel.



Step 11: Fold the Frame. Place the folded Frame on top of the first pad with the front Frame underneath the Rear Frame and the Front Fork facing down on the left-hand side of the AirPorter. In this position, the Brake Caliper will be on the left and the OCL Hinge facing right.

[!] Ensure that the Fork and Rear Frame are in contact and padding is inserted between these parts to prevent damage to your bicycle.



Step 12: Carefully slide the base of the Handlepost between the Seat Stays so the Handlebar Grips are at the top of the AirPorter. Use about one-third of the second pad to separate the handlepost from the frame to avoid scratches.



Step 13: Fold the remainder of the second pad over the Front Frame half. Then place the Seatpost along the top edge of the AirPorter with the Saddle on the right side.



Step 14: Place the Front Wheel on the right side of the AirPorter, clasp the buckles shut and cinch tightly.



Step 15: Place the pedal bag in the zipper pocket on the inside of the AirPorter Cover.


Step 16: Close the AirPorter and zipper it closed. Secure zippers in the zipper lock.